[nmglug] nice meeting y'all

Kevin Karns kkarns at linuxmail.org
Fri Nov 21 10:22:51 PST 2003


Nice meeting you also!

you wrote:

> The first thing to do is to show
> that we can have a community of people who (by 
> default) send GnuPG-encrypted email to anyone 
> who appears in their keyring.  Next time we 
> can all start up our favorite mail programs 
> and set it up for everyone.  I'll put up some 
> links on that before the meeting.

OK ... but I'll have to break my web-mail addiction :)

> I would also love to give software use and software 
> development tutorials.  If anyone knows people who 
> want to learn about a topic, bring them along and 
> we can do something.  And even better: if someone
> wants software development mentoring, I have many 
> projects for which I would *love* collaborators.

I share the same vision of teaching programming to other 
programmers enslaved on non-GNU platforms, but my goal 
is to reach those at the 4GL and database level ... 
this would be COBOL and VB programmers.

I think I can reach up to 400 of my colleages at most,
(IT employees in state goverment mostly here in Santa Fe), 
but I need a compelling environment to show them first.  
I think eclipse might just be that development tool.  
I saw a really intriguing demo on Wednesday night.  IBM
spent $40 million developing the tool and forked it, 
putting eclipse under GNU and Webspere under commercial 

Kevin K.

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