[nmglug] Spam filtering

Tim Emerick timothyemerick at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 11 08:29:28 PST 2005

Forgot something.  I would like folders like the popular webmail services
offer.  Would I be looking at an IMAP server for that or does squirrelmail
handle that sort of thing?


--- Tim Emerick <timothyemerick at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I've been a long time subscriber to Yahoo mail.  My favorite thing to see
> is
> the 30 or so emails in my inbox and the 1000's of spam items that yahoo
> filtered for me.
> I've got my email server running on my home PC but never really used it
> because I like yahoo so much.  Now, I'm thinking of making the switch.  I
> would appreciate any tips/hints/thoughts on what to setup.  Let me know if
> you have a link to a FAQ or HOWTO to setup a complete mail server solution.
> - Mail Server - Exim comes with Debian and seems to do the trick.
> - Webmail - Squirrelmail looks like the way to go.
> - Antivirus - ClamAV?
> - Spam Filter - I've heard that SpamAssasin is the best out there.  Any
> good
> startup filters?
> - Mail Filter - Something to automagically sort incoming email on
> subject/from/body text.
> Thanks!
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