[nmglug] sound

Andres Paglayan andres at paglayan.com
Sun Aug 13 13:28:37 PDT 2006

not sure if 100% related, nor if this will help
but I had a similar problem and it had to do
with the sound frequency setting,
it needed to be hardcoded to 40."something", "somewhere" in the sound  
config files,

On Aug 13, 2006, at 10:51 AM, BrianO'Keefe wrote:

> I'm running DapperLTS, dual boot w/ OS X, and am having sound  
> issues. When my computer suspends and then I wake it the sound  
> becomes garbled. Is there a way to restart the sound server without  
> logging out and in or restarting the computer?
> thanks
> Brian
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