[nmglug] usb drive

Sam Noble sam at thepromisedlan.org
Tue Aug 15 17:42:35 PDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 18:11 -0600, BrianO'Keefe wrote:
> thanks. i want to check out why the drive is showing that 25gb are
> used 
> out of 31gb available when i don't have much on it. now i have a
> problem 
> of no caps and can only type lower case so i can't check the volume 
> specifically as it's name has caps. what's up with this anyway-no 
> question mark. 

 Try to provide less humorous questions for us, I don't think I'm
supposed to have this much fun via email.

What led up to the no_caps problem? Is it the same in X and on the
virtual terminals? (<ctrl>+<alt>+<F1> to check, and <ctrl>+<alt>+<F7> to
get back to X)

maybe try
$ setxkmap us -option

There are lots of tools for examining disks, for this problem you might
want to try baobab. If you've really got giant files that you don't know
about you'll spot them easily.

P.S. just saw your new message, you should try:
$sudo du -h /media/For_Linux/.Trashes
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