[nmglug] usb drive

Ed Brown ebrown at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 16 08:55:54 PDT 2006

BrianO'Keefe wrote:

> Thanks Jeff, I understand. The /media/For_Linux is a separate drive not a 
> separate partition on my Linux drive, which shares my hard disk with a Mac 
> partition. The problem I'm having is specific to the usb drive partition 
> For_Linux. I appreciate the help!

Oh, sorry, guess I was confused too about what was where then, never 
mind about hfs+...

One last shot in the dark: I've seen unexpected disk usage messages 
when the filesystem below the mountpoint is itself used or full.  That 
is, if you unmount /dev/sdb9, do you still have stuff under 
/media/For_Linux?  Not sure this would account for your particular 
problem, this situation usually shows up the other way around: the 
root partition appears to be full or more heavily used than a du would 
indicate, because there appears to be lots of free space in the 
mounted directory tree.  Mount points (like /media/For_Linux) should 
be empty directories, but sometimes get written to when the device 
isn't mounted yet.

Just to make things clearer, it might help to post the full output to 
the following:
df -h
parted /dev/sda print
parted /dev/sdb print


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