[nmglug] Partition resizing

Jeff Shippen spiffycomputers at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:05:40 PST 2007

I know one way, and that's probably the hard way, but it works... 
re-install windows on that 15 gig partition, then install linux on the 
other partion.  you may have to format the drive completely, i'm not 
sure.  of course, in any case, backup your files.

a_kaluta wrote:
> Goodmorning Gnus;
> Brief update,linux laptop stolen some months ago.
> Loaded Ubuntu 5.04(what I had lying around) dual boot with Xp on 
> desktop where have 15 gigabites unallocated space that I would like to 
> dedicate to windows C drive.
> tried qtparted from Knoppix. 5.1.1 without success, I could reduce 
> size but not increase perhaps due to faulty knowledge.
> Perhaps this is the time to try "Wine"
> Tried fished around around the internet for a solution . Anyone 
> suggest am internet tutorial type site addressing the Question?
> Good To Be Saying Hello Again. Anthony 

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