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Jeff Shippen spiffycomputers at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 00:45:07 PDT 2007

Fun Challenge for extra credit

Well, I have spent about an hour looking through php docs and thinking, 
and chatting on the side, and I think I have the basic logic for the 
program, without actually putting it into code.  if anyone wants to try 
it fine, if not, i'll probably get to it in a few days.

$startday == specific thursday using "mktime" function
$counter == 0

while $counter < 1
$nextmeeting=$startday   ### ok, you could have just used omitted this 
line and used $startday instead of $nextmeeting below, but that might 
get confusing.

if $nextmeeting < $today #assuming today is several weeks after the 
initial start date.
    # do nothing, counter stays 0, adds another 14 days, ignore code below
        elseif $nextmeeting=$today
            echo "The next meeting is today"
            $counter=1 # end the loop
            echo "the next meeting is date($next meeting)"
            $counter=1 # end the loop
(end while loop)

Mars DeLapp wrote:
> Ted Pomeroy wrote:
>> Dear Linux users, Say, When is the next meeting and where? Thanks, 
>> Ted P.
> Next Meeting:
> Thursday 5 April 2007
> approx. 6:00p to 8:00p at Santa Fe Baking Company.
> The next meeting is always posted on the web site at
> http://www.nmglug.org/
> Meetings are every other Thursday
> If the web site has not been updated, just add 2 or 4 weeks to the 
> date shown.
> Tell us how you would calculate the next meeting date using PHP.
> Mars

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