[nmglug] anyone heard of dreamhost?

Ken Long ken at lectrosonics.com
Mon Mar 26 11:59:19 PDT 2007

On 26 Mar 2007 at 11:36, Mark Galassi wrote:

> Amigos, I have heard good things of dreamhost and am thinking of
> taking all my hosting needs to them.
> Does anyone have an opinion on them?  Anecdotes?  Are they as
> way-cool-technical as they seem?

I just put my personal website up there. They sound too good to be 
true, don't they? That's what I thought for several years. The only 
drawback is that I've heard rumors that they will throttle a website 
if that website becomes too processor-intensive on the shared host. 
As far as disk space and bandwidth goes, you can't even come close to 
them for the price.

A co-worker has been with them for several years and runs a small 
business selling web design work and hosting at Dreamhost. He has no 
complaints at all.

Ken Long
Lectrosonics, Inc.

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