[nmglug] got the openmoko in my hands,

andres andres at paglayan.com
Tue Jul 15 15:02:35 PDT 2008

Had to chase the UPS truck through the neighborhood as they dropped the
notice and not the package,

it's a bit littler and nicer than what I spected,
screen resolution is fantastic,
charger, usb cable, stylus with laser, led and double point (pen and
micro SD and adapter for microSD, battery 

it's charging now, (about one hour for a full charge with wall, and 4
with usb from PC)

not a device for our graps, but for any  "*nix lovah" 
it is still considered "developer" release although not "hard core
developer" anymore.
comes with a vanilla dialer, contact manager, and terminal 

first thing is getting into the shell through a usb network and start
loading the apps you want.
including a better keyboard,

the user needs to know at least shell, networking, /etc/* confs , and be
familiar with tools like apt- or yum,
yes, there's already a bunch of apps at your fingertips, like 

$> opkg update
$> opkg install gpsd
$> /etc/init.d/gpsd start

wifi is more friendly,
usb is easy,

probably 3 or 4 hours to get it where I want it,
(scripts available for importing contacts)

there's some templates for starting to develop openmoko apps,
these bring all the libs and frames so you just worry about the app,
not how the app connects to the phone internals and such.

I expect a cascade of ports to start happening very soon,

in a nutshell, a beautiful extension of your desk
and an unbeatable Linux way to phone home

Andres Paglayan
CTO, StoneSoup LLC 
Ph: 505 629-4344
Mb: 505 690-2871
FWD: 65-5587
Testi. Codi. Vinci.
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