[nmglug] Parapin Makefile (bewitched,bothered and bewilered)

a akaluta at taosnet.com
Fri Jun 26 16:32:07 PDT 2009

Do not understand instructions to install Parapin as user space
library,Will someone who understands "The arcane art of Makefile" guide
me through the install?             Tnx. Antonio

	Build and Install instructions for the parapin system

			     Version 1.0

	      Al Hooton (ahooton at users.sourceforge.net)


NOTE: Support for 2.4.x kernels in parapin is now deprecated,
and will be removed in the next production release after 1.5.  If you
build for a 2.4.x kernel you will receive a deprecation warning, but
the build should still succeed.  If for some reason you can not
upgrade to 2.6 kernels, please plan to use an archived version of
parapin in the future.


	 Building and installing parapin is fairly simple, but there
are a few things you must do prior to typing "make".  These steps are
necessary to deal with differences in parapin to support running on
both 2.4 kernels and 2.6 kernels.

	 The parapin system can be built for kernel trees other than
the one that is currently booted on your machine.  However, this
*requires* editing the main Makefile as described below.

	 Note that you do *not* have be root to build parapin, but you
will most likely need to be root in order to install the libraries and
modules in their standard system locations.

Version-specific setup scripts
	 The instructions below are slightly different if you are
running 2.4 kernels or 2.6 kernels:

2.6 kernels: run "setup-2.6.sh"
# ./setup-2.6.sh

2.4 kernels: run "setup-2.4.sh"
# ./setup-2.4.sh

         The "setup-*" scripts copy "Makefile-<kernel-version>" to
"Makefile".  If you run a setup script a second time, it will ask
before trying overwrite "Makefile".  There should not be any reason to
run one of these scripts a second time, but if you find a need to do
so be careful -- any edits you have made to Makefile so parapin will
build on your system will be lost.

Common build/install instructions
- Edit Makefile to change the LINUX_SRC and LINUX_MODULES values, if
  necessary.  If you are building for the kernel you are running, on a
  distribution that puts the kernel sources and libs in the normal
  places (/usr/src and /lib), the default values should work for you.
  That should cover most situations, however if you are building
  parapin for a kernel tree in a different location, set these values

- If you only need to use the userspace library, you can build it now,
  and optionally install it (the install requires you to be root):
  # make
  # su
  # make install

- If you want to use the kparapin kernel module, and optionally the
  parapindriver device-driver wrapper, you can build and install
  everything at one time:
  # make all
  # su
  # make allinstall

- If you want to build (and optionally) install a language binding
  you can use the <binding_name>-build and <binding_name>-install
  Makefile targets.  Note that you will need all the appropriate
  development environment packages required for the language in
  question already installed prior to doing the build.  There are
  currently bindings for python and java, here is an example for
  the python binding:
  # make parapin_py-build
  # su
  # make parapin_py-install

- Note that several example programs are built in the "examples"

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