[nmglug] php w/console executable

Paul list5 at blueswan.com
Mon Nov 30 09:51:20 PST 2009

Somewhat left out here has been PHP-CLI. Some distribs will 
install it by default when you install PHP and others 
require a separate install. It is a PHP command line 
interpreter that I've been using for years with great success.

BTW it's not clear to me the exact meaning of "suggest a php 
distribution" in the original post. I've been using PHP for 
about a decade and the only "distributions" I know of are 
the ones for the Linux distrib you are using and they're not 
exactly different PHP distributions, just PHP optimized for 
the distrib (i.e. Ubuntu, Suse, and so forth).

Paul W.

a wrote:
> Antonio:
> I believe, the php w/console executable, you are seeking may be:
> php5-cgi available via synaptic package manager, Ubuntu.
>                              Hope this helps, Anthony K
> a akaluta at taosnet.com 
> Thu Nov 26 04:21:32 MST 2009 
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> Happy Thanksgiving:
> The 1-wire installation instructions I am using,suggest a php
> distribution with console executable capabilities. Will the informed
> provide an example of one specific php distribution with console
> executable capabilities. Thanks and Best to All. Antonio
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