[nmglug] Domain Name System Number Change

Sam Noble s at mnoble.net
Mon Jun 7 08:09:14 PDT 2010

On Sun, 2010-06-06 at 21:51 -0600, BrianO'Keefe wrote:
> Does anyone else need to do this? I could use help but I guess I can 
> also call cybermesa..... :-) 

Shouldn't be difficult. You're probably using a local router as the DNS
server in all your machines, so you'll only need to change the address
in the router. Just log into your router/modem/or whatever and change
that device's DNS settings. (Look for I think that's the
one they're finally retiring.)

While you're at it, it's worth taking a look at the services provided by
opendns.com. For home and small office use, I typically prefer to use
the opendns servers rather than the ISP's they are very fast and
essentially always up, plus if you're so inclined they provide free
filtering services (say to block porn or whatnot.) But they do wildcard
DNS, giving you an ad and a search page if you type a non-existent
address, which can be a pain if you're troubleshooting or otherwise
expecting a non-existent domains to act like non-existent domains.
If you want to use them just put
Instead of the Cybermesa IP's.

Google also is now providing a fast open DNS service. Just in case
you're not comfortable with how little of your internet usage Google
currently has records of and you want them to also know every single
site you go to whether it's in a web browser or not :) (Of course this
also applies to OpenDNS.com) Google's DNS also has the not insignificant
advantage of being very easy to memorize. (I often use these to look up
opendns.com when I have no name service!)

have fun.

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