[nmglug] fax modem pci card

Jason Schaefer js at jasonschaefer.com
Fri Oct 15 11:12:22 PDT 2010

> the free software program. It's in the Ubuntu repositories. However, I'm

Looks like a cool software, similar to hylafax but simpler, maybe.
You need to check if the pcmcia modem card is supported. Plug it in
and type dmesg, it will give you an idea if its supported or not. Test
the modem with minicom. Set minicom to query /dev/ttyS0 (this should
be where your modem is, if its working). Do this as root or add
yourself to the appropriate group. Maybe the fax group or uucp? Thats
the overview, let me know if you need more detail. Oh, you can also
use the graphical hardware configuration to test your modem ;-)

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