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I'd advise using ubuntu 11.10 which is the last version prior to the LTS
release you are looking at that is coming out this April. I say this
because Ubuntu changed interfaces from Gnome to Unity and it is a
completely different way of getting around. Took a bit of getting used to
but I like Unity quite a bit now. I was rather crabby about it and
reluctant at first.

Play with 11.10 to get used to the Unity interface. It is really intuitive
for new/simple computer users... kind of a irritation for those used to
Gnome but worth learning it IMO.

Though many folk like to do clean installs I've experienced no problems
with upgrading between releases. You are prompted regularly for updates of
your computer's software and system software, but when a new release comes
out your normal updates interface will pop up and at the top it will ask
you if you'd like to upgrade to the newest version. Click yes, make sure
you are connected to the internet and voila, you are on your way.

Very simple stuff. I generally wait a month or two after new releases
though to make sure the rest of the general populace are guinea-pigged
before I go all in. A week or so after the release comes out, just start

Ubuntu 12.04 (make and model of your computer)

Then you'll see if anyone with your computer is bitching about the newest
upgrade incompatibilities and if they've been fixed yet.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 2:54 PM, Ted Pomeroy <ted.pome at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been talking to another user apropos of the release of the 2012 LTS
> Ubuntu edition. I wonder if we can discuss and review selecting an OS from
> a simple user's perspective? It is a good opportunity to look at commonly
> used applications and Free versus non-Free options. I know I am a 'mixed'
> user and am aware I give up true freedom for some kinds of 'convenience' or
> laziness. We can look at whether a completely Free system will do all the
> common tasks of the everyday user. And by user I mean a non-programming
> person who will not be writing their own scripts.
> Thank you, Ted P.
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