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Mon Mar 19 01:11:06 PDT 2012

You both should look at the suse kiwi project its really neat
On Mar 18, 2012 6:55 PM, "Jeffrey Miller" <jeffrey at strandcruisers.com>

> Excellent, Ted!  Thanks for sharing.
> We are still using  DVD version of 11.10 of Edubuntu for live booting
> purposes at our school.  I'll have to look into the differences in the
> educational software for both options.  We are still looking at JumpDrives
> for booting options.  But may now move to some type of NetBoot option for
> loading Edubuntu.
> Thanks again, Ted.
> Peace
> On Mar 18, 2012, at 4:50 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:
> > To All, and especially the small group at our last meeting, Hello and
> > thank you for interest and comments about the new Long Term Support
> > editions of Ubuntu. I think that I will switch to Kubuntu for several
> > reasons:
> > 1.It is customizable by the user, giving the user controls over what
> > software runs and the settings for that software.
> > 2.KDE is a community project, and 'Unity' is a corporate project
> > originating out of the goals and workings of Canonical. They are still
> > a good curator/gatekeeper for selecting and tuning from the Debian
> > repositories which makes it easier for me to use programs. Canonical
> > in Ubuntu does work out the incompatibilities or conflicts that
> > sometimes arise between packages.
> > 3.KDE is menu based, and I happen to like menus and a system that
> > works like a list of contents or an index. It will mean learning a
> > slightly different lest than Gnome 2.x, but seems better than other
> > options at this time.
> > 4.KDE and the 'K' packages have some very good things I already use,
> > especially Kstars. It will mean learning the settings menu and a new
> > environment: Qtk instead of gtk, but I guess that will have to be part
> > of the effort this year.
> > 5. I confess I like the easy way Ubuntu allows addition of the NON
> > Free bits, which enable Flash and mp3 and some dvd playing. We
> > certainly are in a crush of loss of freedom and I may change my mind
> > on these eventually. (Keep reminding me of my errors, all you purists
> > and higher beings.)
> > I will not be installing right away, there is a full year to go on
> > Lucid 10.04 LTS. I may even extend my use beyond the support as I did
> > with 8.10.  I will be using a live disk of the latest stable version -
> > 11.10, Oneric, which I have already downloaded. I may also try
> > Xubuntu, as an alternative. But I really like all the tweaking
> > available in KDE versus other current options. May someday I will just
> > use Debian stable and pick and choose in the Debian repositories
> > directly.
> > Thanks for your thoughts, see you next meeting, Ted P.
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