[nmglug] Albuquerque Cory Doctorow stop on the Homeland book tour.

s at mnoble.net s at mnoble.net
Thu Jan 31 21:26:31 PST 2013


If you're not familiar with Cory Doctorow, you should be:

He's one of the most eloquent and skilled thinkers we have today, and
his non-fiction, fiction and YA fiction are all excellent and much more
than thought provoking.

He's going to be at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquque on
the 27th of February.

In the most recent episode of his Audio feed:
He reads an excerpt from the sequel to Little Brother, Homeland, which
is the book he'll be touring. And makes a point of requesting that we
come out to see him, and tell our friends. So my friends, come with me

Also hackspaces make several appearances in the new book, (Cory is also the
author of Makers, a novel in which the maker culture nearly replaces our
current economy) And in that same intro, he mentions really looking
forward to meeting people involved in hackspaces, so in the absence of
a mailing list, I posted something on the Quelab forum:

Alright then, see you on the 27th in ABQ if not sooner.


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