[nmglug] firewall and vpn access

Mike Allen mike at mountainstatestech.com
Tue Mar 5 19:20:58 PST 2013

Where I work, we have two separate networks, one network with a 
Sonicwall NSA2400 and we use Sonicwall Netextender for SSL-VPN 
connections into the network from outside.  Financial resources are 
tight now so I'm looking for a 'free' or low-cost solution for our 
second network that will also need SSL-VPN or some similar remote 
access.   I have spare PC's and NICS to use but don't know much about 
setting up a firewall or VPN access.  Can this  be done with something 
like Untangle or is there something else, hardware / software,  needed 
for VPN's or SSL-VPN's ?  Behind the firewall will be 2 linux machines 
and about 30 windows machines including 2 windows servers.
Where would be a good place to start ?

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