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> Subject: [nmglug] Ted's surgery and recovery
> Hey gluggers,
> You all know Ted P. at least from here on the list, and those of you who
> get a chance to regularly join us for meetings in Santa Fe will probably
> know that he had a malignant tumor on his thigh, for which he was
> receiving radiation treatment in preparation for the surgical removal.
> The surgery was on Monday, and when I spoke to him this evening, he sent
> his best wishes to the whole glug, and wanted me to thank everyone for
> the rides and support.
> The report is that the surgery went "very well" and that the surgeon got
> clean margins.
> Ted is already up and walking, though using a walker, and in some pain;
> but at a level that he called tolerable and expected. He is already off
> the morphine drip.
> It didn't sound like he's using the internet yet, as he asked me to pass
> along this message and described his time as pretty full focusing on the
> recovery. But I declare that you're welcome to wish him well by email
> anyway.
> He'll be in the hospital all week, so we're excusing him from tomorrow's
> meeting, just this once.
> The rest of you have no excuse, show up at Baking Company, where the
> agenda includes flashing coreboot (coreboot.org) on a thinkpad x201.
> Possibly the second or third x201 to ever be freed from the oppression
> of non-free vendor BIOS!
> Love you Ted! Get better fast.
> -- 
> sam
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