[nmglug] and dhcp leases for virt-manager! [was Re: local repo copies, and dinner?]

jason schaefer js at jasonschaefer.com
Thu Dec 8 11:52:41 PST 2016

> I have also been trying to find the cleanest way to have longer-lasting
> leases in dhcp for virt-manager VMs, or a clean integration of guest
> hostnames into host dns.  Anyone up for talking about that this evening?

I'm a big fan of bridging the hosts interface so that the guest kvm can
access the LAN directly. I avoid NAT if possible.

As for DNS, you could hack your etc hosts file or better yet use a
caching dns server on your router. I prefer openwrt for this kind of
setup. Very solid and flexible (for "normal" network setups).

Dinner at Second Street Brewery on 2nd st. A.k.a Oldery.


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