[nmglug] Note on some hardware and OS details,

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 17:54:17 PDT 2018

NMGLugers, We are scheduled for a meeting on the 2nd of August - this
Thursday. I plan to be there at 5pm for our meeting to convene at
about 5.30pm. I will bring a TOMU.IM - "Tom's Open Microcomputer Usb"
for anybody to examine and try out. It is a complete computer, ie,
processor and memory plus I/O system for hardware programming
practice. Sam was good enough to pass this along to me at our last
NMGLUG meeting. I can activate it and do one trick, but there is more
on GitHub. I can also bring the remains of my Peppermint 8 OS
experiment. I am not using it anymore, so the disks (32 bit) and one
small hdd are here for the asking.
I am having good luck with Debian in either 32 or 64 bit installs. It
runds well, has a familiar GUI available and all of my favorite
applications and the ones I needed to investigate the TOMU.IM. I may
even switch over, though below I talk about the Xubuntu upgrade.
Still, I like the Ubuntu family because I can give it to others and
refer them to the copious information in clear and GUI format on the
Oh yes, I am still using Xubuntu 16.04 at home, but will likely
upgrade to 18.04 before the end of the year. I never rush ahead to
upgrade a system till I am reasonably sure the upgrade tool is working
well. Since the support overlaps for a full year, I like to see what
others report about the process before taking it on. This also gives
me time to weed out old files and do a complete backup of my personal
files. My choice is to save files and accept that system and
application settings and defaults will change.
I may also have a laptop in need of assistance. The machine is taking
care of the digital life of a friend and though the friend reports
good health personally, there are some questions about the machine. I
look forward to speaking to the machine itself to get its side of the
I hope to see some of you there, at the New Baking Co., this Thursday.
Thank you, Ted P.

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