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Alucard alucard at swcp.com
Tue Apr 9 09:15:00 PDT 2019

Hi Anthony ,

You will want to make sure logging is actually enabled.

Tools -> Preferences -> Show Settings, flip this to /All/.
Then under Advanced, select Logger. (You could also search for logger)
Checkmark log to file.  From there I would set the path to somewhere you 
will be able to access it.
I would probably stick with text formatting and default verbosity. Feel 
free to upload the log to here: https://paste.opensuse.org/ if you would 
like to me to see what is wrong.

Are you playing .avi files off the DVD? Or are you playing the .vob/.ifo 
files from the VIDEO_TS folder? If you don't need disc decryption then I 
would probably look at mpv (console) or GNOME mpv (GUI).

When I used to do fan-subbing; during quality checking, I found that VLC 
had terrible playback. I mean VLC wurks, but I'm not really sure why 
it's so popular.


On 4/8/19 10:19 PM, a wrote:
> Hi
> Intermittent problem received Dvd today has been finicky VLC error 
> message say check log where is that log be located?
> Have played the DVD in part three tries out of perhaps ten tries no go 
> at times seem to override error message?
> Have been using open disc ,open files and open DVD alternately the 
> later where the error message manafests, I then somehow have stumbled 
> upon the three file .avi choices. choose one click on to play, Where I 
> found the files is a bit hazy?
> Any thoughts on an unraveling strategy? Thanks, Anthony
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