[nmglug] Jessie to Stretch;

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 17:18:51 PDT 2019

Thank you NMGLugers, Thank you members at our recent meeting, especially
Geoff, for encouragement and guidance in upgrading from Jessie to Stretch
on an older laptop. I had done the Jessie updates. At the meeting I changed
'sources.list' entries from jessie to stretch. The long download and longer
install almost failed when we ran out of time. Geoff suggested and then
insisted 'Hibernate' was my only choice. Correct. I as able to Hibernate,
pull the power and with no battery resume at home. Upgrade works, but has
much slower boot time. It may be the newer kernel (one online comment
suggests this). In any event I will have some issues for next meeting: how
to select obsolete files to remove and how to check that no old config file
is holding me back.
Thank you, Ted P.
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