[nmglug] new laptop

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Sun Aug 4 08:42:59 PDT 2019

I can give that a try. I know about the bookmarks backup and will use it 
if need be. I guess I can export them to a flash drive and then import 
them to m FF on my new laptop. This doesn't help for history or 
passwords though. That's why I used to just copy my profile over and all 
of those would be present. Now I get a new profile generated and in the 
"about:profiles" window I don't have and option for that profile even 
though it's sitting there in ~/.mozilla with the other 4 profiles that 
have been created!



On 8/3/19 5:46 PM, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Brian O'Keefe writes:
>>     Thanks Ted. I wonder why it happened? I got my email all migrated but
>>     my FF bookmarks, history, passwords are proving to be much more
>>     difficult. I have copied over my profile to no avail. I'm now going to
>>     copy my entire ~/.mozilla folder which is huge and will take much time.
>>     Hopefully though it will work. Other migrations only ever required my
>>     FF profile.
> In case you haven't already done it: you should be able to backup or
> export your bookmarks from the Show All Bookmarks window, then
> restore/import them in the new Firefox. That saves you from having
> to move places.sqlite which at least in my firefox profile is the
> lion's share of the profile's disk space. (It used to be the cache
> directory, which I don't see any more, so maybe that got sucked into
> places.sqlite too.) You still might want to copy the rest of the
> Firefox folder to save your preferences, extensions and so on, but
> they'll be small compared to places.sqlite.
>          ...Akkana
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