[nmglug] Solved Re: Zombie desktop artifact

Tom Ashcraft trailerdog234 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 14 20:30:53 PDT 2019

OK guys,

I lucked out and stumbled on the fix for my artifact.  Turns out the 
message on the screen can be removed with the same key combinations as 
used to remove widgets *from the panel*, i.e. 'Alt-D, R'.  I think.  Now 
I can't find where I saw that out of context.  Anyway, having done that 
fixes the problem installing one-click launchers to the panels too.

I can go to bed happy tonight because *everything* I've set up is now 
working correctly.  Definitely KDE Plasma and definitely not Kubuntu.

But I still need to figure out how to get terminal shutdown/reboot/halt 
installed.  Back to all that excellent documentation in the wikis and 
the desktop.  Must be in there somewhere.


On 8/14/19 7:46 PM, Tom Ashcraft wrote:
> Hello NMGLUG,
> I've got a two-day old install of Debian 10 with KDE Plasma desktop on 
> a brand-new 1TB SSD in a two or three year old 15" HP-Notebook with an 
> AMD CPU.  This installed via Calamares running from a live, non-free 
> firmware iso, checksum and signature file verified.
> Mostly so far everything seems robust and beautiful, but there's been 
> considerable pathology with setting up the panels the way I like.
> Right-clicking on an application in either of the main application 
> menus (I have a cascading menu in the upper panel, and the default 
> menu in the lower panel) *should* show and permit the option of 
> installing a one-click launch icon on the associated panel--but 
> sometimes it does, and other times it doesn't.
> Also, I had a dictionary widget in the upper panel that was apparently 
> missing one of the supporting files for some reason. In association 
> with a desktop crash, hard powerdown* and/or my eventual removal of 
> the widget, the error message somehow became permanent.  See attached 
> screenshot.
> Any suggestions for how I might best attempt to repair this?
> Thanks,
> Tom
> *'ctrl-alt-esc' will kill Plasma (but leave application windows 
> running, presumably because they run in different threads) but I don't 
> yet know how to restart Plasma from the terminal, and for some reason 
> there is no 'shutdown', 'reboot' or 'halt' command installed.
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