[nmglug] How to find/import public keys? Or is there another problem?

Tom Ashcraft trailerdog234 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 12 21:23:39 PDT 2019

Bingo.  But please see below.  Do you think I should follow ALU's advice 
here, that it should or does apply with youtube-dl? (Off the top of my 
head I imagine I'd have to edit the PATH variable, which is something I 
need to get a better grasp of.)

On 6/12/19 9:18 PM, jason schaefer wrote:
> On 6/12/19 7:58 PM, Arlo Barnes wrote:
>> YTDL has a fast development cycle, and I think it'll be a while before
>> even Debian Testing (which is what came with my laptop modulo
>> branding) gets to what is now the latest version, which by then will
>> be 'outdated'.
> I get youtube-dl from backports. It has version 2019.01.17. This works
> perfectly for me all the time. Stretch/stable does not work at all. Its
> very old. For anyone unfamiliar, backports bridges the gap between
> stable and testing without apt-pinning or other time consuming
> solutions. https://backports.debian.org/

"However, if you still need some program that is not available in Debian 
repositories, try NOT to install them system-wide. This is the first 
rule that will teach you how not to break Debian.

      Install executable programs locally

You can make a folder /Programs/ in your home folder, and place all 
unofficial programs there. Many Linux programs come as executable files. 
So, copy program executables to the |~/Programs| folder.

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