[nmglug] Introducing abqlug.com & Announcing Zero Day!

ABQLUG community at abqlug.com
Tue May 14 13:53:22 PDT 2019

Hi Arlo,

I'm mostly just waiting on community feedback.

To be honest, I would rather setup an IRC server. However, I would like 
to use something that people are already using. I have been looking into 
Mattermost and Matrix as well. However I didn't want to create something 
if people are going to suggest something else.

It was more or less a place holder. I'm not glued to any one piece of 

If you attend Zero Day, I'll make sure to address this directly during 
the meeting.



On 5/14/19 2:41 PM, Arlo Barnes wrote:
> I see "Slack: TBD" on the site. Why not use a free alternative like 
> those mentioned recently in Mark Galassi's thread?
> -Arlo
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