[nmglug] Basic video editing, which software?

LeRoy Diener leroy at choosetherightside.com
Sat Nov 9 10:24:20 PST 2019

Hi NMGLUG folks,

I need to do some basic video editing.
Which software would you recommend?

Here are the types of tasks I want to do.
- Record a voice-over soundtrack to replace original sound from a video
which I've recorded on my phone (or other) after I transfer the video to my
- Combine two separate videos side-by-side, like split screen (without
- Maybe cut out a segment at the beginning or end or middle of video.
- Maybe eliminate some of the edges of the screen.
- Maybe splice two videos to add an intro or outro.
- Maybe superimpose text or other doodles.

Other details:
File format will probably be mp4, unless someone has a better suggestion.
I'll want to upload the videos to youtube. Can I do this editing in
youtube? Is this advisable? Any suggestions for alternatives?
I already have a few video playback programs on my Debian laptop. It's
possible that one of these will be the best option. I can easily download a
different program, too. I will need to learn how to use whatever program is

Thanks for your help.
I am the Love of God, no matter what.
LeRoy Diener
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