[nmglug] Yet another example of Comcast/Xfinity spying and sleeze

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Aug 3 12:30:10 PDT 2020

Tom Ashcraft writes:
> All three links on the page dysfunctional.  Dead.  No way to actually
> communicate that I do not wish to receive such communications.  Not that I
> should have to because, as I've previously written, I've already done it
> before.
> Tom
> Here's the code from the page in case someone who understands such things
> better than I is willing and able to provide some perspective or objective
> analysis:

Unfortunately the actual buttons aren't in there. They're probably
coming from one of the many scripts the page loads, e.g.


All those scripts/* URLs are relative to whatever page you were on,
which isn't shown in  the screenshot.

Sometimes you can tell something with the DOM inspector.
Right-click on one of the non-functioning buttons and choose
"Inspect" or "Inspect element" (both Firefox and Chrome have
an inspector, with different strengths). Then you can poke around
in the inspector window to see if it's a link with an href, if it
has an onClick function, etc. This isn't guaranteed to tell you
what's going on, but at least there's a chance.

I'd been idly considering the idea of switching to Comcast despite
terrible past experiences, because CenturyLink DSL has been so slow
and unreliable lately. You're reminding me why I shouldn't.
Anyone have experience with fixed wireless providers, like LANet or
NMSurf? I have a good sightlight to Pajarito Mountain, but I hear
weather can be a big problem with fixed wireless, and I'm guessing
installation costs would make it an expensive experiment.


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