[nmglug] Anybody know about KVM settings?

LeRoy Diener leroy at choosetherightside.com
Wed Dec 9 19:07:45 PST 2020

Hi NMGLUG folks,

If any of you are familiar with KVM settings, please read on.

In my virtual machine contained in KVM, I have a Win10 system.
Since I recently got a product key, I'm trying, unsuccessfully so far to
authorize this Win10.
Some suggested that the reason that the authorization is failing might be
related to some KVM settings which Win10 is checking to verify the
hardware, and that I should try changing some settings. Indeed, there are
some settings that I was guided to in an online NMGLUG to change because,
at that time, KVM did not recognize the existence of Win10 at all. That
experiment didn't help. The solution to that KVM issue ended up to be to
reinstall the OS. So, now, I don't recall what those settings were, nor
where to find them.

I looked around, and I'm wondering if these are the settings.
In KVM virtual machine manager: Edit > Preferences.
In the Preferences dialog box, 3rd tab New VM > bottom option CPU default.

I'm hesitant to change settings because I'm concerned it will cause
problems that I won't be able to fix. I don't really understand many of the
items in the KVM menu.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
I am the Love of God, no matter what.
LeRoy Diener
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