[nmglug] New Year's Eve,

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 14:05:07 PST 2020

NMGLugers, Well we are scheduled for a 5:30pm virtual meet up on New Year's
Eve. I hope I remember and am free. I missed Dec.17th, had a meet up of a
family sort.
Just to remind anybody that Free Software Foundation would like you to join
- and if you are in our group you are using Free software and should
support the makers and efforts if you can. I did not forward my recent mail
from fsf.org, but you can take a look if you are not a member or have not
checked the page in a while.
I plan to continue with promoting Freedom with the seniors I help and
others, too. I don't get out much and am keeping an eye on all the news of
the pandemic, so am doubly glad to be able to use and maintain my software.
Thank you, Ted P.
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