[nmglug] [ABQLUG] Next (virtual) meetup will be on July 7th 2020

ABQLUG community at abqlug.com
Sun Jul 5 22:00:26 PDT 2020

Fellow NMGLUGers,

ABQLUG will be hosting it's monthly meetup (virtually) on Tuesday July 
7th from 6pm - 8pm.

If you would like to discuss anything related to Linux, you are welcome 
to join!


If you are on a desktop or laptop you can attend the meetup by using a 
current version of Firefox or Chromium. If you are on iOS or Android, 
you can download the Jitsi Meet app from the Play Store, Apple Store, 
and F-Droid. Or you can Firefox on your mobile device. More information 
can be found here on how to join: https://www.abqlug.com/attendee/

~ Jared

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