[nmglug] IPv6, cloudflare and related issues

John Osmon josmon at rigozsaurus.com
Mon Jul 13 06:47:05 PDT 2020

> Personally I use Unbound as a DNS cache. When devices on my LAN ask for
> nameserver addresses, my router is configured to point to the IP of the
> Unbound server (which in my case happens to also be the router, but you
> could run Unbound on any machine on your network as long as it's got a
> static IP).

Don't forget that if you have DoH, it is bypassing your local resolver.
Then, you're giving your juicy DNS data to the DoH provider rather than
your ISP.
One of the best videos I've seen that talks about these issues is form
the Southern California Linux Expo this year:

> I suppose the obvious question is, does IPv6 work for you under normal
> circumstances? Many ISPs don't support it even in 2020. I'm quite sure
> CenturyLink doesn't and I've never gotten it to work under Comcast
> either.

Comcast should work well, they were one of the first major ISPs to 
provide IPv6 for consumers.  Using DHCP-PD, they'll assign a /60
to you.  So you can have 16 LANs running at your house -- all with
addresses that aren't NATed.

I haven't worked with CenturyLink's IPv6 offerings.

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