[nmglug] No sound with Ubuntu Studio

jason schaefer js at jasonschaefer.com
Thu Jul 23 10:09:20 PDT 2020

> I originally had Ubuntu 18.04 and was trying to get the sound to work
> with all these and couldn't get it all to work. It was a nightmare.
> All in the list above worked individually but fixing one to work would
> cause another not to work. Then I saw Ubuntu Studio and thought that
> would be better. So far, it is not.

You will want to run the jack audio server. Use qjackctl to setup and
run/manage jack. You won't be able to use firefox with jack unless you
compile it from source. You can download the audio/video from the
browser and play it with something like audacious.

I also recommend using a proper sound interface. Internal (built-in)
audio interfaces are often really bad. I like the maudio fast track
series because its good enough and affordable.

Let us know if that gets you any further.


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