[nmglug] "Free" Cable Modem

J. Marsden DeLapp jmdelapp at delapp.com
Mon Jun 15 14:33:04 PDT 2020

I have a cable modem that I can't use. 

I finally got my Comcast issues sorted out last week. It appears the
issue was with the wiring in my building (that is a whole other story).

I have this new cable modem I recently bought that I can't use. I can't
use it because Comcast says I have to use their modem since I have
static IP addresses.

The modem is a Motorola Model MB7220

I paid $50 for it (with tax). Will trade for a donation to the Free
Software Foundation https://www.fsf.org/ or a donation of your time to
support Free Software.


PS Mark gets first dibs if he wants it.

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