[nmglug] jitsy for remote work [Re: Just saying Hello World,]

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Thu Mar 26 11:33:05 PDT 2020

    Ted> The next thing I want to learn is how to get remoted in to
    Ted> these people on an ad hoc basis. I can rtfm and search the 'net
    Ted> for answers.

TEd, on March 12th, at the start of our physical isolation, I posted
about Jitsi.

I have been using it quite successfully to run my classes and my chess
club, with up to 13 people at a time.  I have had up to 13 people with
no trouble, although I always decrease my video quality to low-def.  The
problems are not with jitsi, but rather with network load at peak times.

And the startup is so trivial: you can just send out a URL like:


and tell people to click on it.  Their browser will ask for permission
to use camera and mic.  No setup, no accounts, just go.

There's also an android app available on f-droid; seems to work quite

And it's free (as in freedom) softare.

You can then share windows, so they can show you what they're doing and
you can see what fails.  Or they can point their phone at their screen :-)

If you want to actually do stuff on their machine you'll need to go a
bit farther - it's hard to ssh in to a typical home network 'cause the
owner would have to set up forwarding of port 22, but you can have them
ssh in to a common server opening a reverse port.

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