[nmglug] video meet up

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Mon Mar 30 15:42:54 PDT 2020

Hey folks,

Ted and Geoff, I was actually running chromium at the same time as our 
call and I was using chrome for that. Obviously using more memory so 
that may have been part of my issue. Geoff, I can stop by your office 
but I don't know where that is so please advise.

Interesting to see how we do with more participants. Thanks for everything.


On 3/30/20 3:26 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:
> Brian, I sent the link/url to Geoff C. in case he wants to join us. He 
> was on the NMGLug call/meet up last week and seems to know more that I 
> do about the settings and such. See you about 4 p.m. Thank you, Ted
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 2:27 PM Brian O'Keefe <okeefe at cybermesa.com 
> <mailto:okeefe at cybermesa.com>> wrote:
>     Here's the invite Ted. The address after "Join the meeting".
>     Hopefully it will work!
>     Brian
>     You are invited to join a meeting.
>     Join the meeting:
>     https://meet.jit.si/Testvideoconf.callforTed4PM
>     To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.402.2718,,3871858373#
>     Looking for a different dial-in number?
>     See meeting dial-in numbers:
>     https://meet.jit.si/static/dialInInfo.html?room=Testvideoconf.callforTed4PM
>     If also dialing-in through a room phone, join without connecting
>     to audio:
>     https://meet.jit.si/Testvideoconf.callforTed4PM#config.startSilent=true
>     On 3/30/20 2:12 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:
>>     Brian, Let's try 4 p.m. Is that okay? Ted P.
>>     On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 1:09 PM Brian O'Keefe
>>     <okeefe at cybermesa.com <mailto:okeefe at cybermesa.com>> wrote:
>>         We could try anytime more or less. Give me a time later this
>>         afternoon and I'll send you an invite or whatever. I'll
>>         include the meeting time in the meeting title.
>>         Brian
>>         On 3/30/20 12:23 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:
>>>         Brian, do you want to try a meet up before the next
>>>         scheduled NMGLUG? Geoff and I had a nice talk this morning.
>>>         Yes, it is very simple to set up the video call/conference.
>>>         Let me know if you would like to talk before the April 9th
>>>         Glug meeting. I am trying to get some experience on each of
>>>         the video calling platforms so I can stay in touch with
>>>         people. And I am always glad to work on Linux and learn new
>>>         tricks about it as well.
>>>         Thank you, Ted P.
>>>         On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 11:52 AM Brian O'Keefe
>>>         <okeefe at cybermesa.com <mailto:okeefe at cybermesa.com>> wrote:
>>>             good idea to rest Ted. As far as Jitsi goes. I just go
>>>             to Jitsi.org and click on start. That opens a window
>>>             that has a title for the meeting that is nonsense but
>>>             where one enters the name of the meeting. After putting
>>>             in the name of your meeting click on go and the invite
>>>             pops up and, in my case, the video is on and I can see
>>>             myself. The invite has a copy function, click on that
>>>             and send the link with the parameters to the folks you
>>>             want to invite. In that sense it's just like Zoom. In
>>>             any case it couldn't be simpler.
>>>             Best to you Ted
>>>             Brian
>>>             On 3/29/20 8:15 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:
>>>>             Brian. got your e-mail. I will try tomorrow as it's too
>>>>             late in a long day for me to try to start to figure out
>>>>             how to initiate a meet up with jitsi. I think I'll be
>>>>             better on this tomorrow.
>>>>             Have a good night and thank you for perseverance.
>>>>             Thank you, Ted P
>>>             -- 
>>         -- 
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