[nmglug] Meeting this Thursday,

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Wed May 20 08:29:46 PDT 2020

NMGLugers, I see that our meeting on Thursday is posted for the public
eating space "Oldery" or Second Street Brewery on Second St. Well and good
for whoever made this decision, it is almost within current
recommendations, providing it is open and a small group gathers. I will not
attend due to my age and health. I wonder if we can also have video
conference access? If not, I understand as it is distracting enough to have
the noise of the pub when meeting there.
We were having some increased attendance while conferencing on the
Internet, but maybe that can be offered somehow and at another time or
simultaneously. I do hope we remain flexible.
Two issues I have been working on: remote support with the help of Jason
and Geoff; and usb keys as a new edition of Ubuntu is out and I have been
practicing with dd. While I still make errors, it seems dd works well and I
have a variety of live and install versions: Debian 10, grml and Xubuntu
20.04 among them. I am in contact with several Linux Users who do not
attend the meeting, but do need help and rescue from time to time. I will
continue to offer my support with the help of the NMGLUG.
Thank you, Ted P.
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