[nmglug] Questions about setting up Jitsi-meet

Tom Ashcraft trailerdog234 at comcast.net
Sat May 23 17:33:44 PDT 2020

Hey Jared,

I've got the camera and mic on my Kubuntu 18.04 laptop covered up with 
aluminum foil and electrical tape left over from making my tin-foil 
hat.  But now I'm thinking I don't want the FBI or the NSA to be able to 
get me mixed up with someone else, so I thought I might take it off 
sometime and let them see what I look like. That is, if I can get this 
Jitsi-meet thing figured out.  Not quite as scary as Zoom.

I've been working down your list of instructions at 
https://gitlab.com/ABQLUG/Install-Jitsi-Meet-with-Docker-Compose this 
evening and I got stuck here:

tom at tom-HP-Notebook:~/docker-jitsi-meet$ docker-compose up -d
ERROR: Couldn't connect to Docker daemon - you might need to run 
`docker-machine start default`.
tom at tom-HP-Notebook:~/docker-jitsi-meet$ docker-machine start default
Docker machine "default" does not exist. Use "docker-machine ls" to list 
machines. Use "docker-machine create" to add a new one.
tom at tom-HP-Notebook:~/docker-jitsi-meet$ docker-machine create abqlugjm1
Running pre-create checks...
Error with pre-create check: "VBoxManage not found. Make sure VirtualBox 
is installed and VBoxManage is in the path"
tom at tom-HP-Notebook:~/docker-jitsi-meet$ echo $PATH

If you've got any time or clues that might help, please let me know.

I should be in town for a few more days but will probably reenter 
internet silence for a fortnight or two after I head back north.

Looks like you're doing good work with ABQLUG.  Hope you are doing well.


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