[nmglug] what disk drives these days?

Anthony J. Bentley anthony at anjbe.name
Mon Sep 14 21:47:30 PDT 2020

Jason Schaefer writes:
> > I see that I blinked for a bit and disk drives went from 6 terabytes to
> > 10 or 12 terabytes.
> Yeah, its crazy how much storage capacity they have engineered onto a
> platter. It comes at a cost of reliability. I stopped trusting drives >
> 4TB. Regardless, you need RAID to justify storing anything of value on
> large disks. The only exception may be for backup storage.

If you use large disks for RAID, when a failure occurs, your rebuilds
will take ages. Depending on your RAID the process of rebuilding will
also seriously stress the remaining disks. A second disk failure at
that point would be painful (to put it mildly). So I'm not sure I'd use
such massive disks to construct an array either.

Anthony J. Bentley

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