[nmglug] Recommendation for Screen recorder

Anthony J. Bentley anthony at anjbe.name
Fri Sep 18 18:35:58 PDT 2020

Akkana Peck writes:
> a writes:
> > Unemcumbered Stable Debian 10 user seeks to encounter compatible screen
> > recorder, fashionably with web cam support.
> A long time ago (2009) I had success with recordmydesktop:
> https://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/recordmydesktop.html

Unfortunately it hasn't seen any development since then, and I've seen
it removed from some package repos due to lack of maintenance. It might
still work if you try it though.

If you run GNOME, it should come with a screen recorder built-in.
But I haven't used it and can't speak to its usability.

Personally I use ffmpeg for this. It's very powerful, if you don't mind
digging through some manuals. E.g.,

ffmpeg -video_size 1680x1050 -framerate 30 -f x11grab -i :0.0 \
       -c:v libx264 -qp 0 -preset ultrafast output.mkv

For webcams I use a program called video(1) that comes with OpenBSD.
But it isn't available for Linux; I'm not sure what you would use there.

Anthony J. Bentley

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