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Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 11:45:55 PDT 2020

NMLGugers, I have shifted to the commandline for this, though I will
propagate Ubuntu versions with the supplied GUI application. My most recent
trial of other OS's was to make some MX usb's thus:
 sudo dd bs=4M if=MX-19.x_x64_copy.iso of=/dev/sdb
which is sudo dd bs=4M if=TheISOofChoice of=/dev/YourUsb; run this from
whichever folder the File.iso resides in.
I let the ISO file reside in "Downloads" and use the terminal to navigate
there and proceed with 'dd' and use 'sudo' privileges as the access to the
/dev/sdb requires root privileges. It takes a bit of practice and patience.
Practice to follow a preferred variation of the 'dd' syntax and patience to
let the process finish - it may take 8-10 minutes for it to complete while
it seems to hang. 'top' may indicate a "D" for uninterruptible sleep, but
it will finish out, just wait. I encourage everybody to have a method to
create install usb's and  share them with friends.
By the way, MX was recommended by the ABQLUG and is an interesting variant
Practice on this is worth the effort and dd is always in your GnuLinux
Thank you, Ted P

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 12:26 PM Mark Galassi <mark at galassi.org> wrote:

> >> One of the biggest hassles for me, as a Linux user and hobbyist, has
> been
> >> creating bootable flash drives to use as live and/or installation media.
> > I don't use the GUIs.  I download the medium, let's say to /tmp, with:
> [PS: I'm not saying this to recommend against your approach; just
> showing how I do it.]
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