[nmglug] recommendations for $400 laptops to run GNU/Linux?

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Sun Apr 25 08:28:33 PDT 2021


On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 8:29 AM Mark Galassi <mark at galassi.org> wrote:

> Dear nmglug-ers,
> I'm about to have 11 students in the upcoming Institute for Computing in
> Research internship program (https://computinginresearch.org/) purchase
> laptops to run a GNU/Linux distribution.
> We subsidize them for up to $400 on these laptops.
> In the first two years things went OK but with some problems: most of the
> laptops ended up being $400 plus something, straining our budget, and some
> of them had annoyances with microphone and wifi drivers.
> Does anyone keep up to date on best laptops for the linux kernel in
> various price ranges?  Any advice?
> And there is also always a question running in the back of my head: would
> anyone know how to find a local (or global) business that might subsidize
> the laptops for our students?  I keep thinking that there must be some way
> to get Lenovo or some other company to either give away some laptops, or to
> sell us a $560 laptop for $400 -- we are a very deserving non-profit, after
> all.
> Unfortunately so far my attempts at following the chain of companies to
> their educational outreach people have turned out to be time-consuming dead
> ends.
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