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Art Barnes art at pin2.io
Fri Mar 12 12:29:26 PST 2021

Cool! I think next meeting I’ll go over Pandoc Markdown, the Markdown flavor used by the most excellent Pandoc document converter, and next month will be either Latex/Overleaf or Hugo.

Pandoc https://pandoc.org/ is a wonderful tool for converting between just about any document format. I use it for converting notes I take on an Alphasmart Dana in Markdown into PDF. I’ve also used it for translating Latex documents into MS Word.

For the curious, the Alphasmart line of devices was a set of smart keyboards that you could use to type up text documents on the fly, then connect to a USB port on a computer where it would emulate a hardware keyboard to “type” the document into whatever software was open. They were sadly killed off by netbooks/cheap laptops/tablets which brought an end to offline computing. I hold out hope that someone will resurrect the idea one day.

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> Also Art B. will be giving us more information on the typesetting program
> and Markdown(a markup language) at a future meeting.

I'd love to be there for that: I've been doing a lot of evaluation of documentation formats lately.
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