[nmglug] Really annoying beeps

Tom Ashcraft trailerdog234 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 11 16:18:27 PDT 2022

I've got a nice little Acer netbook (maybe twelve years old?) that I use 
mainly for car camping and when I want to use a computer at the library.

The problem is that *sometimes* when I use the 'action button' icon from 
either the 'main menu' or the 'panel' to suspend, shutdown, etc.; or, if 
I have to plugin or unplug the external charger/power supply for 
whatever reason, it emits an ear-splitting beep that makes anyone nearby 
jump right out of their skin and develop an instant case of PTSD.

Does anyone know how I can disable this?

        _,met$$$$$gg.          toma at 11debXfceAO722
     ,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P.       -------------------
   ,g$$P"     """Y$$.".        OS: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) x86_64
  ,$$P'              `$$$.     Host: AO722 V1.01
',$$P       ,ggs.     `$$b:   Kernel: 5.10.0-14-amd64
`d$$'     ,$P"'   .    $$$    Uptime: 51 mins
  $$P      d$'     ,    $$P    Packages: 1891 (dpkg)
  $$:      $$.   -    ,d$$'    Shell: bash 5.1.4
  $$;      Y$b._   _,d$P'      Resolution: 1366x768
  Y$$.    `.`"Y$$$$P"'         DE: Xfce 4.16
  `$$b      "-.__              WM: Xfwm4
   `Y$$                        WM Theme: Default
    `Y$$.                      Theme: Adwaita-dark [GTK2/3]
      `$$b.                    Icons: Papirus-Dark [GTK2/3]
        `Y$$b.                 Terminal: guake
           `"Y$b._             CPU: AMD C-50 (2) @ 1.000GHz
               `"""            GPU: AMD ATI Radeon HD 6250
                               Memory: 752MiB / 3658MiB



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