[nmglug] Really annoying beeps

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sun Jun 12 08:16:43 PDT 2022

Tom Ashcraft writes:
> The problem is that *sometimes* when I use the 'action button' icon from
> either the 'main menu' or the 'panel' to suspend, shutdown, etc.; or, if I
> have to plugin or unplug the external charger/power supply for whatever
> reason, it emits an ear-splitting beep that makes anyone nearby jump right
> out of their skin and develop an instant case of PTSD.
> Does anyone know how I can disable this?

First thing to figure out is whether this sound is the "system beep".
I had a Dell Laptop some years back where the system beep was
crazy loud. I don't know why a manufacturer would do that, but
sometimes they do.

If you type this:
    echo -e \\a
(try it a couple of times, for me it didn't work the first time)
does it make the same annoying loud beep?

    sudo rmmod pcspkr
and if it's the system beep, you probably won't hear it any more.
I wrote about that here:

On that Dell with the loud beep, I didn't want to remove it entirely
(it's useful in vim and in some other contexts). My solution was this:
    amixer -q -c 0 set Beep 5
I don't know if that still works under pulseaudio; I wasn't using
pulseaudio on that machine.

You can also use
    xset b volume pitch duration
to make the system beep quieter, shorter and higher: if you make it
short enough and high enough, it'll just be a subtle click. But
that only works under X and might not help with the shutdown tone.

Here are some other ways to get rid of the system beep:


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