[nmglug] Really annoying beeps

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sun Jun 12 17:43:51 PDT 2022

Tom Ashcraft writes:
> But the most glaring and mystifying issue, i.e. the (loudest) beep upon
> unplugging and replugging the exernal power supply/battery charger remains. 
> Nothing makes it go away.

This seems to be an Acer (mis)feature. When I googled
    acer netbook loud beep plugging unplugging power
I got lots of hits. It appears that the (mis)feature is called
"Power Control Beep" and many Acers have an option in BIOS to
disable it, so look there first.

If not, try a web search with your actual machine model (you didn't
tell us the model, you just said "Acer netbook") along with Linux
and "Power Control Beep", and you might find advice specific to
that model.

Also, some Windows users seem to be seeing a channel in their volume
control settings for "PC Speaker", so maybe Linux has that too. You
might run alsamixer or ulsamixergui to see if alsa has a channel
like that, in which case you could set the volume on that channel
down to zero. If alsamixer or alsamixergui don't see such a channel,
try pavucontrol, which works at a higher level (pulseaudio vs. alsa)
and might show a different set of controls.

Good luck!


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