[nmglug] Self-Hosted Matrix/Synapse

Jonathan Haack jonathan at jonathanhaack.com
Sun Nov 20 00:12:11 PST 2022

Hi NM GLUG family,

I created a fully self-hosted and manually configured Synapse/Matrix
instance at:

Initial testing shows everything is working, but as always, having testers
/ debuggers helps so much.

I documented my steps taken here:


Also, please note that any instance I create leverage Jason Schaefer
(whether he asks or not) as a co-host / admin for data retention purposes.
I use the following backup script for my kvm VMS:


These are rsynced to an offsite and secure location daily, and everything
is encrypted. If you are interested in how I run the virtualization host,


Enjoy ... hope everyone is well. Please always know that I don't have any
expectation that anyone join anything I create. It's there if you want to
participate. This is a community based on distributed leadership and Free
Software, not dogma or directives.

Best to you all!

Jonathan Haack

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