[nmglug] PLSS data

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri Oct 28 09:41:17 PDT 2022

I haven't needed PLSS myself, but gdal is great for most geographic coordinate conversions, so that's the first place I'd look. It has Python as well as C bindings.

If that doesn't work, try the gpsbabel commandline app. I use gpsbabel to convert from UTM coordinates to UTM (I have a friend who has an old Garmin that apparently only understands UTM) by creating a tiny GPX file with latitude/longitude for waypoints, then calling
gpsbabel -i gpx -f infile.gpx -o text -F -
-- the "text" format includes 
I don't see PLSS listed on https://www.gpsbabel.org/capabilities.html ... is there any other name for it?

Otherwise, look into geopandas as Wesley suggested, or qgis -- there are bindings for various languages, so you don't necessarily need to use the qgis app. It looks like qgis, at least, understands PLSS.


Kaypo Keepr writes:
> OT I think, but someone here might know.
> Is there a C#/Python/SQL library that can give PLSS data (Township, Range,
> Section) given a lat/lon?
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