[nmglug] New Linux Computer Day; see folks tomorrow

Art Barnes art at pin2.io
Wed Sep 14 18:22:47 PDT 2022

Hi all,

The ThinkPad x280 I’d ordered came in earlier this week. It came pre-installed with Windows 10, and made it quite clear to me that it’s unapproved for Windows 11 and installing Windows 11 just isn’t going to happen (Microsoft’s ploy to appease shareholders by attempting to continue the COVID-era uptick of PC sales by making everyone’s hardware obsolete). So perhaps we will see an uptick of Linux installs come 2025 when Windows 10 goes EOL. I’ll make a bold statement and say that I’m one of the few people who actually like Windows 10, so the whole Windows 11 nonsense is still a bit annoying to me, silver lining and all.

I’m attempting to clone my Xubuntu install off my old ThinkPad x131e via CloneZilla. We’ll see how that goes. The ThinkPad x131e was the Windows version of one of the earlier generations of Chromebooks. Unlike later generations, it has a Real Proper SATA SSD and Intel core processor instead of the eMMC/Celeron combo that’s become common now. It’s still slow, though. 

See you all tomorrow!

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