[nmglug] nmosug and cookedmeat.net?

Kevin Karns kkarns at linuxmail.org
Wed Nov 19 06:43:35 PST 2003

Hello nmglug!
I'm tentatively planning on driving down to Albuquerque to hear the
talks on PHP and Eclipse at TVI the nmosug.  Anyone else need
a ride?
I've been doing a few simple PHP tests, and I want to learn more.
Freshmeat.net is coded entirely in PHP.  I'm also considering Eclipse
as a replacement for dotnot.  I'm currently installing Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 3.0 Beta to see if it really does include Eclipse
into the distribution.  I'll know in an hour.  It wasn't listed
in the custom packages.  (I'm also testing Szulik's comment "Why someone
would ever buy the Unix OS after the release of Enterprise Linux 3
will be beyond me.")
The nmlug meeting two weeks ago was a little smaller than others.  One
of Jason's ideas sounded really compelling the more I thought about it.
Jason said he would like to include "cookbooks" on the website. (We call
them installation cookbooks in our office) or step-by-step guides of how
to migrate from closed source product X to GNU-source product Y.
These guides are scattered all over the net in varying degrees of quality.
I thought that this might make an excellent three tier application
that bolts onto freshmeat.net.  However this would likely take a couple
hundred hours to build.  (I do this in dotnot and used to do it a
lot in Oracle.)  I spent an hour looking at the 'About' pages on
freshmeat describing how it was built and also at the freshmeat
packages on freshmeat.  (There is a package to pull their XML
content into MySQL.)  However, I'm worried about starting another
project that I can't put time into, so I'm thinking about marshalling
up volunteer PHP programmers from outside of our group.  Perhaps
we can discuss this tomorrow.
Kevin K.

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